Origin of Octase

The Octus General Research Institute originally began with research into microbes, from the starting point of a philosophy of “learning from nature”. Through investigation into fermentation, one of the valuable functions of microbes, the Institute came to focus on the potential of enzymes, which are the essence of microbial technology. In 2000, two years after its establishment, Fujimoto Naoshi, President of the Octus General Research Institute, and Dr. Yakushiji Ichiro had their fateful meeting. This came about in part in connection with Dr. Noguchi Hideyo, a highly esteemed doctor within the history of medicine in Japan.

Dr. Yakushiji, who had researched the application of enzymes for many years, admired Dr. Noguchi’s way of life as a fellow researcher who left his mark on history through his unfailing spirit and efforts, and respected him greatly. Having learned that in 1997 a memorial stamp celebrating the 120th anniversary of Dr. Noguchi’s birth had been released in Ghana, Dr. Yakushiji went to great lengths to lay hands on one, but was unable to do so as it was a rare foreign stamp. Naoshi Fujimoto, who had heard the story, used his own overseas network to get hold of one of these stamps, and sent it to Dr. Yakushiji.

These two men working on preventive measures against infection were thus connected through Dr. Noguchi, a man who had also dedicated himself to anti-infection measures. Despite coming from different starting points, the two found themselves on the same path and got along well, positively influencing one another through the Octus General Research Institute’s vision and knowledge regarding infection prevention through enzyme technology and Dr. Yakushiji’s long years of research. They were eventually able to perfect “Octase”, an enzymatic cleaning fluid with world-class breakdown capacity. “Octase” was named by Dr. Yakushiji from the “Oct” of Octus General Research Institute and the “ase” ending used for enzymes.

In 2005, Dr. Yakushiji sadly passed away, but his ideas are being carried on. “Octase” is not only officially recognized in the medical field, but also has promise for applications in various other sectors. The spirit of those who worked hard for infection prevention is being passed down from generation to generation, and will continue to live on.

Dr. Yakushiji Ichiro Noguchi Hideyo 120th anniversary, 1997 Ghana memorial stamp Words of appreciation for the acquisition of the memorial stamp